Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the love

it has been almost a year since i last signed in. oh yes, don't you know me already, i'm just super duper lazy. what can i say.. :p

nothing much changed. the heart still choose to hold on to the love that has been long gone or better yet said, SCRAPED OFF FOREVER. to make things clear, it's not the love. it's the hmm... how should i put this... the future?

nevertheless, time gave me the chance to meet more people and get my ass off the seat to interesting experiences. well, why not right? now, there's definitely more stories to tell, but i choose to not tell. oh geez, as if there's anyone reading this. aha.. i know.

oh love love love love.. love love love.. what more can i say to the one thing that made me who i am today. love.

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